How DataDocks works

DataDocks helps you increase communication, efficiency and performance while keeping everyone in the loop.

Customers can use a calendar to book appointments

Customers Book

Allow your customers the freedom to schedule shipping times that suits their needs, without the aid of your team. Instead of using man hours to track, book, and organize loads in/out of your dock, let DataDocks do the heavy lifting.

All transactions are now electronic in a centralized location

Good-bye Paper!

Now your team can simply log-on to see what trucks are coming in that day. No having to go into the office to see the schedule. Access the schedule anytime and anywhere.

piggy bank

Lose those Expensive Demurrage Charges

By implementing booking times and accessible scheduling you will lower your demurrage charges each month.

tracking you teams performance with KPIs

Track your Logistics Team Performance

DataDocks allows you to monitor loading and unloading times for each shipment. See where inefficiencies are and optimize your performance to save money!

edit documents online

Live editing

No more locking people out! Multi-use let's anyone on your team make changes and view everything in realtime. You control who has read or write access and view the edit history to see who has booked or changed any appointment information.

DataDocks vs Excel

Unlike excel spreadsheets, DataDocks is built for logistics teams to improve their performance and communication.

Track appointment dates
Access history of appointments
Customer support🚫
Web and mobile access🚫
Accessible outside of the office🚫
Always up to date (no different versions)🚫
View multiple locations from one sheet🚫
Create recurring appointments🚫
View trucks currently on the property🚫
Track who made changes🚫
Email notifications🚫
Backed up data🚫
Customers can book own appointments🚫
Track if appointments are late🚫
Track demurrage costs🚫
Different level of access for each user🚫
Track appointment lengths and other KPIs🚫
Keep track of PO's🚫
Document Uploads🚫
Easy to use🚫

"Looking for a one stop shop for all of our inbound/outbound scheduling needs, and it's a lot for our type of business. DataDocks is everything and more I had envisioned this type of system could be"

— Jeff Decker, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)